Fume Extractor


If you tinker with electronics, then you’re certainly familiar with solder fumes. You probably do your best to avoid breathing them, but let’s face it: like I used to, you probably just accept them as a necessary evil. I got wary of dealing with them, so I built this fume extractor project as an excellent way to filter the smoke and breathe a little easier.

As a prototype, I put the pair of fans in series (one in front of the other) with an activated charcoal filter on the front of both, but I found that the air throughput was about the same as with a single fan. I should have realized this for the fact that fans have a maximum speed which sets the airflow limit. The cable I used for the power cord had a thumbwheel switch that was pretty difficult to turn, so that had to go. I also learned that it would have been easier to have a handle and a shorter run of power cord since my desk is small with a power strip right next to my soldering workspace.

The final design needed a handle, a short power cord, a rocker switch on the body, both fans in parallel (next to each other), and a fuse for short-circuit protection. I designed the whole assembly in Fusion 360 starting with the fan housings. The two fans are sandwiched  with a 3D printed handle between two laser-cut 1/4″ plywood panels. The activated charcoal filter is held in front of the fans by another laser-cut plywood panel and four 3D printed brackets. The brackets have a nice snap-in action. If you’d like to make your own version of my design, they’re hosted on Thingiverse.com:


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